Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello. My name is Misha. Remember me?

Yeah... hi. I feel sheepish showing my face (?) around here after such a long absence. And I should, because I just spell checked the word absence. Come on now, has it really been that long since I have typed a simple sentence??

... I guess you are right.

With the whirlwind of change happening these past few months, I am surprised I remember to put on deodorant.



I have two kids now and honestly, its been great and crazy! I feel silly even saying that because I do realize that SO many moms have more than two kids and two kids probably sounds pretty easy. To each his own. I like it. My little one won't be a newborn forever and this whirlwind will settle. One day I'll forget what it felt like to be moving from one need to the next and I will miss it. For now, I think these little posts are therapeutic for me, reminding me whats important and having fun will doing so and possibly helping me release some creativity... even if I always spell grammar with an "er" first, before being corrected and compose crappy paragraphs and incorporate inappropriate uses of punctuation. TO EACH HIS OWN! I ain't no writing pharisee. I'm probably slightly rebellious and that might have to do with my squeaking through high school english unnoticed. How did I do that? Maybe I should hire an editor?

Oh well. To say the least, I think I am back to my dusty ol' blog. She's outta shape and we're gonna try and get back to working out ;) I missed you all! Its good to be back.

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