Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adopted for Life - free audiobook

Hi friends!

For the month of February you can download a free audiobook copy of Adopted for Life by Russell Moore. This book is outstanding and I just might have to listen to it as a means of "rereading" it!

This book has been wonderful in opening up my eyes to the deepest parts of what it means to be God's child - adopted into his family - and how the physical act of adoption is a model of spiritual adoption.

..and it is just plain awesome.

If you have ever kind of wondered why some people make such a big deal about adoption - or have struggled with understanding the importance of considering adoption, I urge you to listen to your free audiobook copy or buy a hard copy and read it.

I've got much love for ya, friends!


  1. Thanks for letting me know! I'm downloading it right now.

  2. you're welcome! it was great in helping my finally finish the book - I only had 2 chapter left and I got to listen... I kind of felt like I had cheated or something. But I only felt like that for a second ;) because I love audio books!