Monday, January 31, 2011

so much for that..

So much for a picture a day for one year! I actually thought of it as a pretty lofty goal and I was going good with the scheduled posts for a good couple weeks.. oh well and I hope you still stick around because this blogging thing is really fun.

I think this year is one where I am making all kinds of lofty goals, which is totally not my tendency. Why? Well, mostly because I self-proclaim myself as a failure before ever beginning and I struggle with discipline issues for myself.

It is the truth. Yucky truth. Yet, I am going strong in making goals and trusting that every time God is bringing me one step closer to discipline, holiness and faithfulness in good, healthy, God-honoring goals.

One of those being memorizing the book of Philippians...

..yeah, I know. "whhhaaaat?"

Pretty lofty for the girl that has never made it a practice of intentionally memorizing scripture - but why wouldn't God help me here? The answer is an obvious and resounding, "HE WILL!!!"

So here I am, 4 weeks in to it and I have the first 8 verses recorded in my cranium. According to the schedule for memorizing I should be done with the first chapter... guess I'm going at my own pace :) Given my technique for memorizing such a chunk of the bible, I'm not surprised it is taking me longer.

Technique: writing, writing, writing, rewriting, rewriting, rewriting... times infinity! Please, do see:

This is how I memorized Psalm 19:7-11


I should frame that.


Chicken scratch, scribbles, cross-outs and blots - that works for me!


All I had to do was write it 1,000 times.

That was a joke... kinda

Anyway, that is my technique. I usually take 2 verses at a time, or a chunk that flows together (so that it makes sense as I memorize) and I just go to town writing it over and over, repeating it out loud as I go.

Break to ice my wrist and fingers.

Then back to the drawing board, my friends!

I am sure that most of you are much more efficient in your memorization than I but I am weird like that and do things like rewrite, "the law of the Lord is perfect..." to innumerable measures on old sketch pads. And guess what? I remember! Voila! It is magical, really...

I been wondering what to do with all the random note books and journals I have laying around and half used spirals from college - I could probably memorize the whole New Testament with all the extra paper I've got.. but that is rather RATHER rather RATHER RATHER L-O-F-T-Y. Then again, I do believe in miracles....

For now I will stick with Philippians, good ole 4 chapter-ed Philippians

If any of you are interested in memorizing Philippians, click HERE for the downloadable PDF file of the schedule to memorize it in 16 weeks (or longer if you are like me!) You can print it out and make a little moleskin memorization booklet like my hubby made for me:




Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ {Phil 1: 2}

... and BOOM goes the dynamite!


  1. I don't think I would be able to memorize Philippians at the rate of a verse a day either, but even if it takes you a lot longer, I know you'll still benefit from it significantly! Just the time I've spent meditating on passages I've memorized has been such a blessing to me even though it's taken a long time. Once you get it memorized, I'd love to hear it! :-)

  2. Once I get it memorized I'll probably have to recited to everyone I see just to help it stick! I would love to... and since it is a letter, I can talk to you as it were "from me, to you"

    That might be kinda cool, eh?