Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Recap [80's Jackets & Coffee]

That first eve of Christmas vacation, my sister, my mom and I wanted to go down to the South Bend Chocolate Cafe (I know.. so so good). What's wrong with that? But the thing we thought would make it even better would be to go in my mom's old 80's track jackets!

Of course my mother was not interested in participating in the fashion challenge.. but at least she was a good sport and agreed to be seen with us in public..

What I wasn't expecting was to see people I knew! People from high school, friends of my mom, practically anyone that hadn't seen me in years showed up to the Chocolate Cafe that night to see me dressed in all my 80's glory.

So what did I do?

I just acted like nothing was different... yup, totally acted like I was normal. Like: "Hello, didn't you get the memo.. 80's sweatsuits are back in style. Didn't you go to the New York Fashion week?"

And it was great. We enjoyed laughing at ourselves and enjoying our cafe mocha:

...complete with chocolate spoon.

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