Sunday, January 2, 2011

back from hibernation

Hello, I am back from Christmas break's hibernation. We are officially back in Aurora and in our cozy home after 2 weeks and 3 total weekends on the road visiting both sides of our wonder family; it was awesome. I am really not sure what it is going to feel like tomorrow morning to walk down the stairs to an empty house, but I have a feeling I am not going to like it. I guess it is the empty house that makes times with all the family so sweet and makes me wanna have a million kids so that there is never silence. Ever. Just kidding.

A friend passed along a fun idea to me the other day in an email about posting 365 pictures in a year, one each day, as a fun reason to blog and good reason to document a year of life through pictures. Not to mention the fact that it will help us with our photography :) So here are some pictures for yesterday AND today... since today it Jan. 2, I am already behind!

Here is Davin all gussied up for our Christmas card pictures, what a ham :) Oh yeah, and that handsome man in the back ground is my hubby... I am lucky!

And the babe all bundled up for a grocery trip:
One of the favorite "toys." He has quite the imagination, eh?
And lastly, our boy at Los Bravos doing his new favorite trick: balancing a straw in his mouth. I know, I know... he is very talented and very advanced. At least that's what the Grandma's would say ;)

So yeah, not really working on my photography here since they were obviously taken with my phone - but when you have a Kodak moment, ya gotta work with what ya got at the time! So cheers to 365 pictures in a year.. maybe more considering I just posted 4 and it is only 2 days into the new year. The more the better I think!

Happy New Year! And be on the look out for "Christmas Recap Posts"

... I know, you are probably sitting on the edge of your seats.

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  1. Cannon LOVED plastic gallon jugs when he was little. In fact, when my dad brought C to see us in the hospital after B was born, C was most excited that he got to hold the gallon jug of water they brought us. Brother, okay, but gallon jug: awesome. :) So your picture totally took me back!