Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what a vacation day might look like

Just enjoying a cozy fire by myself in the midst of a full household of people, each in their own nook of this place. It is warm and I can feel the fire's breath from across the room, along with the shivering dog fresh outta the bath. Poor Rudy, I wouldn't wanna be a wet dog in mid-December either and I would probably curl next to the closest mammal too (even if she was rather nauseated by the smell of damp fur). The men are chopping fire wood and burning it even faster, go figure. Oh, and I have on my new fake glasses - thick black rims and plastic glass lenses. I'm cool?. But if I were a boy, I think I would probably be called a "tool" by the high schoolers. Maybe I'm what my mother would call, a 'cool tool'. I guess the only thing that would top off this perfectly relaxing afternoon would be a peacefully napping baby.. yeah, 'cept this ain't heaven and just PLAIN AIN'T A PERFECT WORLD!

He has been having issues.. word in the play pen says he's been hit with a spell of teething. The big kids say it happens to the best of 'em. Little guy done swallowed his Ora gel.. that can't be healthy or comfortable for that matter. Sore gums and a numb throat- truly a once in a life time experience (til the next dentist visit I guess... unless of course you have a perfect dental record - ahem - unlike someone I know, a friend.. yes, a friend who seems to need work done every time she goes in for a cleaning... she even needs prescription toothpaste! They say its because she has sensitive teeth and deep grooves.... whatever. Am I still in parenthesis?) I guess I can say that I am speaking from experience since the finger that had ora gel on it also touched my tongue and it was not good (don't ask).

Well, I started this post with the intention of posting pictures a long with it.... but since the computers on this vacation seem to have a grudge against my memory card, I guess I can't do that. Instead I will just enjoy my chocolate chip banana bread muffin and milk from a wine glass. I will be praying that my acrylic nails won't break during the next tantrum brought on by the undesired diaper change happening after nap that was cut short by the men chopping wood outside the baby's room yelling "HI-YA!" with every whack. sheesh. My eye lids are heavy and quite frankly I am feeling envious of everyone who can take naps whenever they want because they don't have to plan them with babysitters or around a [nonexistent] nap schedule.

I love my baby

I love my family

I love my life


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  1. LOL. Misha. One of the things I love about you is your blunt honesty!! How many times have I felt that surge of envy for the people who can sleep, eat, run out, read a movie, scrapbook--whenever they want to!!! Hehe. Never thought I'd feel those things...Funny the things you learn as a parent. Also funny that, despite the times I have been guilty of envying indepence...I wouldn't trade what my (sometimes!) fussy, needy infant for the world!!! God is good:-)