Monday, November 15, 2010

jars, beans and a grinder

Before Davin I never really made much coffee at home, pretty much only when family came.

Then I had a baby and weee doggies, I am glad for my coffee maker... speaking of which, I think I might brew myself a fresh pot now that I am thinking about it.
Ok, I am back. Yum. Anyways, up until about a week ago I thought that I had found the perfect coffee grounds. That would be none other than Dunkin Donuts Original Blend - Medium Roast, just so you know. It really is quite yummy. You can trust me on that since I have been a coffee drinker since the 5th grade.

(Did I just admit that? wow, I must feel really comfortable with you guys...)

A couple of weeks ago we were at some friends' wedding (our friends married each other - ain't that sweet??) and they gave away some coffee beans as favors (in lil' burlap sacks saying "love is brewing" - ain't that sweet, too?) Well butter my butt and call me biscuit, cuz this experienced coffee drinker (me) from elementary school to motherhood didn't own a coffee grinder - leaving me with coffee beans and no way to enjoy them. I may have cried.... or just majorly exaggerated ;)

When I ran out of my own grounds I finally made my way out to grab a grinder and on that note decided to become a 'freshly ground coffee maker/drinker' (because if I am going to pay for a grinder, then by golly, I'm gonna use it!)

Isn't she a beauty?

I had always heard that you wanna store your coffee beans in an air tight container and supposedly opaque, as well. I grabbed a clear plastic air tight container at target last week for our free coffee beans and when I got home and dumped them in - ummm.... PHEW!!!! The container smelled really funky - stinky plastic toxin or something. I couldn't do it... I just couldn't. I even scrubbed it with HOT soapy water.

I guess that is what I get for not following the coffee bean care etiquette of opaque/air tight.

And I digress...

Saturday the Hubby and I were out 'n about and of all places, we found ourselves at Garden Ridge. Guess what I found there? A jar. I know, you are probably so glad that you are reading this post right now. I am cool.


But since you have read this far, I might as well continue by including beautifully edited pictures of jars, and contents of the jars, and a coffee pot with a jar by it ... major foreshadowing here.

Here is the jar that I found for my big ole 3lb bag of coffee beans:

I must say: its a major upgrade from the stinky plastic excuse for a jar. And I even found a mini too! I gleefully added it to my cart, because it would be the perfect container for my sugar. A cutie, don't you think:

A match made in heaven. Or a match in the Garden Ridge, rather.

Big Jar o' beans

Lil' Jar o' (raw) sugar

In no time they had their places in my kitch'
And as I stood back from all the picture taking of kitchen paraphernalia, I hear rustling behind me...
My kid is playing with a bag of garbage.



  1. Oh Mish.. the end of the post made me laugh out loud! haha, you have such a way of telling stories. and in Davin's defense.. that bag has been there all weekend! ;)

  2. yep, I even think it is the bag I brought Davin's toys in! Sorry, for enticing Davin's curiosity!