Saturday, November 13, 2010

high chair mission

We were on a MISSION for a high chair.

"But, Misha, your kid is like... 8 months old. You are just now getting a high chair?"

Um, yeah.. just now. He has been using his bumbo seat this whole time.

"You are ...lame.. or lazy, one of the two - I just can't seem to pick"

Thank you, I know.

But, I have news for you that will prove that I really am not that lame. And it goes a little something like this:

A couple weeks ago, my hubby, my baby and I went to babyland (that would be Babies R Us) to look for a high chair and new car seat, because yes he really is that massive that he out grew his baby car seat like.... well, a while ago. AHEM...anyway, so we were pushing out baby around the store he seemed to be far more interested in the shopping cart


It was already passed his bed time, but that night was a great chance for us to go shop - so we took advantage of our opportunity. As we found ourselves in the highchair isle, we just didn't like what we were seeing. Bright blue, animal print, pink cushions, I-don't-think-so! We had already kinda thought that a wooden one would be the best because with the way our townhouse is laid out it would need to blend in with the rest of the furniture.

We were getting sorta discouraged because, well, I just don't like spending more than necessary amount of dough on stuff.... and those wooden highchairs were not as cheap as I wanted them to be. I mean, we are trying to fund an adoption for Pete's sake! (but we are not naming him Pete)

Then it happened..

"Honey... I have to go to the bathroom..."

Grrrr - I admit, I was annoyed. Really, hubby? Really? Can't you wait til we get home... our time is in P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S!

"Fine, hurry up!"

And I was left to pick a few from our limited options, but few minutes later Jonathan comes around the corner and says:

"Honey, THIS is why I believe in the providence of God"

Now, what on earth would prompt a mature Christian man to make such a statement like this on his way out of the bathroom of a baby store? The CLEARANCE SECTION OF COURSE!! When he walked out of the bathroom he saw a highchair marked down majorly and it fit the description of the type we were looking for!

Isn't it CUTE?!?! :

Juuuuuust kidding guys! Common now, give me some credit.

It looks more like this:

No, I am not kidding this time. Sure, it might not be everyone's favorite looking highchair, but it was totally what I wanted!

It has a beige-ish cushion that inserts to make it more squishy and comfortable for the babe, but I am to vain - AHEM - I mean I just wanted to show off the pretty wood without it being covered up by the (yucky beige-ish) cushion thingy.

All in all, I thought it is pretty amazing that we walked out with a $150 highchair for 62 bucks!

I would call the late night at Babies 'R Us a success.


  1. Cute! I love wooden high chairs. I even actually kinda like the one in the "joke" picture (but I may be influenced by a recent Ohdeedoh post lauding the modern design of the restaurant high chair!).

  2. hehehe! friend, I bet you could get a great deal on a wooden restaurant high chair - you, of all people, would totally make it stylish and cool! For real. Plus, with that cute baby boy of yours - he'd make any high chair an instant trend ;)