Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hope is Fading

Hope is Fading from Allan Rosenow on Vimeo.

Oh, doesn't it just fan your flame for orphan care and adoption! I am adamant in my prayers that God would ignite a passion and purpose for adoption in your hearts... as in YOU, you reading these words right now...

I love blogging. It is fun. We have a good laugh here and there, but sometimes I just gotta be serious and sometimes when I am serious I have to say some hard-to-hear truth. Ya know what I'm sayin'?

Read David Platt's words from his book Radical
"We take Jesus' command in Matthew 28 to make disciples of all nations, and we say, "That means other people." But we look at Jesus' command in Matthew 11:28, "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest," and we say, "Now, that means me." We take Jesus' promise in Acts 1:8 that the Spirit will lead us to the ends of the earth, and we say, "That means some people." But we take Jesus' promise in John 10:10 that we will have abundant life, and we say, "That means me."
In the process, we have unnecessarily (and unbiblically) drawn a line of distinction, assigning the obligations of Christianity to a few while keeping the privileges of Christianity for us all."

That call to adoption stuff, in James 1:27, we say, "that's for other people to do." But Romans 8:14-16, that says God is my heavenly father, he adopted me in. He's made me his daughter - we say, "Thank you Lord! Now that's me!"

Would I really be loving you if I didn't say stuff like this. No, I would not be loving you. I am sure some of you don't like it when I post stuff life this... but I love you. I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

You, like me, were orphaned in your sin. Destitute, until God made the ultimate sacrifice to bring you home into a forever family with him. He gave you an inheritance. Adoption is more than just charity, or something that is for people who can't have "children of their own."

Adoption is the gospel and you are called to participate.

Do think you can't afford it? Guess what, apparently 80-90% of families that adopt can't afford it, but God can... and what he wills to happen will happen. "God sets the lonely in families..." Ps 68:6

Much love to you, my forever family in Christ!

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  1. Thanks, Misha! Man, it is so easy to segment which parts of scripture we want to apply, isn't it? God calls us to care for the orphan somehow, some way. Not everyone is called to care for orphans through adopting but through something! Sponsoring a child, supporting someone who is adopting, helping people fund raise, etc. are all ways to step out and heed God's Words here. Maybe you could do a post on some of the options out there to care for orphans.