Wednesday, October 13, 2010

writer's block

I have writer's block.

gah! I do not like writer's block. So I suppose I will write my way through this block.

Now that's the attitude! (that's a pat on my back for me)

Usually when something requires extra care and a little more effort than climbing stairs, I usually would rather nap instead - did I just say that out loud?

No, I typed it.. but I did say it out loud to myself.

And this brings me to a point: "Why do I insist on sharing the weird and yucky things about myself to you readers?" - I will tell you why.. because I love you :) There! I said it!


I have been feeling it for a long time... and ... well... well...


I love you.

But not like I love my hubby... its more of a friendly love. Phileo, if you will.

And that was not a real kiss. That would be adultery. Consider it a hug.... a side hug.

Now wouldn't cha know! I done got outta my writers block!

that feels good, real good.

So lets recap this disorganized mess of a post:
-I had writer's block
-Admitted that I sometimes nap when I have writers block... or chores
-I love you, my reader's, like sisters and not as much as my husband
-I gave you all a "cyber side hug" to thank you for faithfully reading, even though it came out as "muah!" it really was a hug... but how do you make a "hug" noise or motion on a blog...?
-Successfully broke through my writer's block
-Then, I looked down to realize that my white sleeve was resting on an open red ink pen...

go figure...

And in case you were wondering, I was writing down the recipe for some STINKIN' AMAZING, OUT OF THIS WORLD, MOUTH WATERING, CARNITAS FROM HEAVEN.

Thank you Pioneer Woman, and Maribeth for introducing them to me.

Eternally grateful.

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  1. You're funny! I'm glad you got through your writers block...that would have been bad news for us all.