Monday, August 16, 2010

I like to wear curtains ?

I would be totally lying if I said that I didn't absolutely love wearing those fashionable scarves from day one of Fall and all of Winter....

because I DO! Oh, my poor neck feels naked with out one on any day 50 degrees and below... honestly, a scarf makes my summer and spring clothes go an extra mile... because if it to cold to wear a t-shirt, BAM,  tie a scarf 'round your neck and problem solved! It will keep you warm, I swear. There are thin, shear-ish ones for the "warmer" days and nice thick warm ones for the frigid winter.. It will be a very sad day when this trend fades... actually, it might have already faded... but as long as they are selling them, darn it, I'm wearing 'em! I will probably reminisce with my daughter one day about 'real fashion' and how 'real fashion' involves a scarf!

During our move, I was looking through my scarf collection and realized something... they all look like curtains. I sometimes see curtains and think "humm, that would make a good lookin' scarf!"

just kidding .

My five favorites

I can't wait for fall  ;)

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  1. Sosososososo jealous! I just moved to AZ with my hubs (temporarily, THANK GOD!) but I am missing Fall (my favorite season, obvi) and all of the scrumptious scarf- and boot-wearing that goes along with it. Wah :(