Saturday, August 14, 2010

24 minutes later....

Ok, lets talk about the fact that it just took me 24.... count 'em.. T.W.E.N.T.Y - F.O.U.R. M.I.N.U.T.E.S. to load this dinosaur computer and get one.... just one web browser open and ready for use.

HAHAHAHA!!! I am quite literally laughing out loud at how crazy that is!

I want to blame it on Jonathan for having 269 podcasts on his itunes

But really, it is simply the fact that this computer is 6.5 years old, its a laptop which translates to 92 years old in human years. Basically, technology moves faster than the speed of light and therefore leaving this "old" computer in need of a scooter for cruising around the world wide web

Oh yes I did...

Now as an attempt in redeeming myself and redeeming this post from being completely pointless (and weird)... I will tell you that we have saved up for a computer and we do need a new one for many reasons, but my major one is so that I can upload pictures again.. the computer can't even upload another single picture (laughing out loud again)

and I am going to ask for suggestions.

Yes. That is the point of this post. To ask for for help.

...mental help :)

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  1. Oh, dear; that's slow! (Of course, we just stopped using the laptop I got for college in - wait for it - 1999.) If you're looking for cheap and simple, we have a Dell Inspiron Mini that does all the basics and has a built-in webcame - nice for video chat with grandparents! If you've saved up and can spend more, I would totally get a Macbook.