Saturday, May 8, 2010

a bunch on B's

baby burps belting, soundings like bombs in Baghdad..... that's whatcha get with a baby boy!

Okay, I will stop sounding like some sort of children's book or weirdo poem - but I am trying to be creative, alright?!

I am a busy, tired momma and I feel like I have lost my "bloggers edge"


j/k? really? is this am IM? ya know, instant message?

moving right along...

So back to the burping thing. I must admit, I love my my baby! He is great! So content, most of the time.... totally smiley. Really he only cries when he is tired and can't fall asleep or is hungry - and if I were a baby, I would cry about that stuff too!

But when it comes to burping time - GRAB THE EAR PLUGS because my baby is about to bangs on your ear drums!

I think it is because he feels the air bubble stuck, and that is not a fun feeling mixed with the fact that he has to stop mid-meal to be propped up on my lap and patted repeatedly on the back until this uncomfortable bubble of air coming belting out of him..... he seriously could join the high school band because it is like a trumpet sounding off.

The house rattles.

It comes booming out. I just can't believe that much air can be sucked in by a baby and held in that little belly.

Then again, he is 12 weeks old and eating 30-32oz A DAY!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a little piggy on our hands.

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