Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your life will not be wasted....

Whatever you do, find the:
bible-saturated passion of your life
and find your way to say it
and live for it
and die for it.

And you will make a difference that lasts.

You will not waste your life.

-John Piper

What will that be for you?

For me, I pray that God willing, it would be:

Biblical womanhood
-by grace being biblically feminine
Biblical wife-hood
-by grace being a helpmate to my husband
-by grace submitting to his God given authority and leadership in our home
Biblical motherhood
-by grace birthing babies of my womb
-by grace adopting the orphaned
-by grace shepherding the hearts of the children God gives to us

Phew, the calling is something that is beyond me - but a life I am ready to live and not waste with the help of God and his sufficient grace for the task!

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