Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I acquired a love for photography in high school when I took the class - and then another fire was lit when I learned of all the possibilities there were with digital slr cameras and photo shop! Although I am amateur still, I am sooo excited to learn more, more, MORE!

do you remember me blogging away about this certain camera I wanted?

It was a Nikon D60. Turns out they discontinue that model and the D40 - and came out with a beauty called the Nikon D3000!

Gaze:Well, guess what Misha got for Christmas!?!?!
A Nikon D3000!

I know, I cried too. Literally, I cried. Mostly because I thought that I would never ever get something like this. Of course I was that weirdo that would always swing by the camera section in best buy, just to see it. And I would poke around with Jonathan about how it would be ahem wonderful to have one day.
But never, NEVER did I expect this.

My precious hubby had been planning this for months. He got the whole family, both sides in on it - and on Christmas Eve I opened a gift. It was a memory card... I was confused because I don't need a memory card and that would be a random thing to Jonathan to get me. Then he tossed me a card reading:
We all know there is only one gift you really wanted this year. And you won't be able to use it without this memory card. Merry Christmas, honey!

From: Jonathan, Renda, James, Jenna, Glenn, Susan, Hannah, Christopher, and Grandma Seger.

I stopped breathing for a second, and calmed myself because I was afraid to get excited to early.
I unwrapped the box, tears formed, and that's what it was. The camera.

I am so thankful to my hubby and our family for my gift - its beyond anything I ever expected!

Now, I just can't wait for this little baby to come so I can take a million pictures of him! (and not have to pay a million dollars over the course of our lives to a photography studio - because I can do it myself!)

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