Wednesday, July 15, 2009

pictures..... where are you?

Maybe you have noticed...... maybe not. But I NEVER put up pictures in my blog :o(

1.) I am not really that great at remembering to always have a camera in hand and take pictures everywhere we go.

2.) My camera's memory is on overload! Meaning at my friend Kim's wedding last May I had to delete some pictures that I kinda wanted, just so I could get some of her!

3.) You may ask, why didn't you just load the pictures on your computer so that you wouldn't have to delete
answer: I lost my cord!!

Yeah, so the reason for all this nonsense is the fact that I lost the cord that I use to get the pictures from my camera to my computer! Isn't that a pathetic reason - it totally is. I need to buckle down and go find a new one or go to Wal-mart and put those stink'n pictures on a CD and move on with my life! sheesh, in the past year I haven't taken a single picture. (well I have a few on the phone)

It is like a wake up call because being pregnant and expecting a lil' bundle in February - I need to get on the ball with picture taking, or else one day our baby is going to be an adult and have ZERO baby pictures.

The ironic thing.....
I love photography. I loved it so much back in high school - and I think I was okay at it. I even thought about majoring in photography once. sigh. It has been a while, and it makes me a little sad. I miss that creative side of me. I don't know what happened the past few years - but I kinda forgot about it. It makes me a little sad sometimes, but I know it's in there. This blog was actually a start back on the path to creativity - through (of all means) writing.

I know I am not an excellent writer, but I like telling stories and somehow I feel a little creative in the way I type. Funny thing is.. I never really cared much for writing - but does a blog really count as 'writing?' Well, all the "real writers" out there are probably saying, "your grammar and punctuation lack." Oh well! I like the use of my hyphenations - see - they are fun - and maybe I use one, to, many, commas, so what, ??

So, a baby coming and wanting to take pictures of their lil' face and wanting to get back in to photography (if it will even really count as true photography, we will see) and wanting to try to exercise my creative side again and.... (just kidding, there are no more and's) - leaves me desiring greatly a certain semi pro, mostly amateur digital SLR camera!!!!!!!!!! There I said it!!! I want it badly!!! and Photoshop Lightroom!!! wow, that felt good.

These are pricey, but raaarrrrr (did I just roar?) - I would find such delight in exploring and learning and creating and developing and .... (there I go with the and's again!)

It's the Nikon D60

Ain't she a beaut'!
......ain't she expensive is photoshop light room

I guess it isn't totally out of the question, it would just take a bit to save up. And with looking to buy a house in the near future, and the fact that we need to get Jonathan a car (that is for another blog post), it seems a little far off for now.

Anyone want to donate? ;o)

With or with out all that fancy camera stuff, I will at least have my regular camera - so we won't be completely picture-less people.

That is, if I ever make it to Wal-mart.....

OOO my cake is done! Gotta go!

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  1. I hope you get your camera cleared up! You take such fun pictures. You'll have to start taking belly pictures soon!