Monday, November 30, 2009

stroller stresses

I need help, pretty please comment and help sista' out ;o)

(Jonathan can testify to this...)
For some reason I am so completely "stressed" about which stinkin' stroller to pick. It has been decided that we are going to go with the Chicco Travel System, because we keep hearing soooo many great things about it and the car seat, how easy it is, and plus we tried it out in the store and it is by far the best one (logistically, easy to maneuver, to fold, to push, easy to adjust the seat from up right to flat down- everything can be done with one hand! awesome because the Lord knows I get easy aggravated when appliances don't do what I want them to on command - I need to work on that... and finally moving on out of these parenthesis...).... phew we made it out!

The "stresser" for me is the color.... I know, silliness, but for some reason or another it is itching at me.
I have my ideal stroller in mind - but the ones that are ideal to me cost a whole months rent... which is ridiculous, and Chicco doesn't have a sleek version of their strollers (sleek to me is one solid color - black - and a bare minimum of 'extras' and as compact as possible - ya know, "euro style")
so I therefore I am simply having the time of my life trying to figure out what color to pick.....

Please, bare with my ridiculous-ness - and try not to laugh to hard at the fact that the only stress out of this entire pregnancy and baby prep is deciding on the color of a stroller! For heaven's sake there are some many more important things to think about.....

Well with out further words, because this post has been long winded enough already, here are the colors I have narrowed us down too:
leave me your vote! OR totally new suggestion! Maybe one of you pros out there know of something that I do not... but if you have more important things to do with your day, than to spend it investigating strollers - I will not be hurt ;o)
I need some input, because by now I am sure Jonathan wants to shake some sense into me and I really don't want to bother him with my silliness anymore ;o) He thanks you for your help and understanding, hehe!


  1. I vote for the first color! (the one with green) I reallly like brown but there are so many patterns on it .... Good Luck my friend!

  2. my vote. black. goes with baby boy blues or baby girl pinks. its quite transitional.

  3. I vote for the 2nd or 3rd one. Just keep in mind ... once the baby comes, the only thing you will be looking at is him. You probably won't care what color the stroller is. Go with your first instinct ... that is usually the one you like the best.
    Momma 2

  4. I vote for the 1st one. I just like the look of it...and it's really nicely gender neutral for future kiddos.

  5. I vote for the 1st or 3rd. The green is a nice and happy color, while the black is very neutral.

  6. Mish, I vote for the 1st! Can't believe how awesome that you are looking girlfriend, can't wait to meet your little guy. I love you!