Friday, November 6, 2009

how I eat a kit kat

So we went out and grabbed more than a necessary amount of clearance Halloween candy on Sunday, and Jonathan and I got into a discussion on how I have a very unique way of eating just about every candy bar on this earth (and a lot of different food to, I might add). So I decided to start a blog series entitled, "how I eat....."

Fun huh??

Well lets start with a favorite. The Kit Kat.
The yummy wafer goodness is just about as much as I can handle.....
There's desire in those eyes for bite#1
Here goes nothing:
I start by nibbling off the chocolate edges, starting with the 2 long sides and then a quick bite at each end!
num num num num nummyAnd, yes! I always have the pinkie finger up (spot of tea, anyone??)
This is what I consider a fine nibble job. See, the wafer goodness...... oooo la la
and I still have on chocolate end to bite off!here is the end product post nibble festYumm! It is time to enjoy! yum yum yummy. I did take a picture of the "yum yum yummy" step, but that was rather, well, umm... messy ;o)

Break me off a piece 'a that kit kat bar!


  1. Oh Mish,
    I've just had the best laugh as I viewed your demonstration of eating a kit kat bar. I love you! I clearly see how and why Jonathan fell in love with you.

  2. That's how I eat my kit kats too!!!!!!!!! insanity! But, I take the three waffer layers apart and eat them individually. haha!