Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Jonathan and I went bowling last friday for a date and had SO much fun together!


There is this nice bowling place and fun house in Naperville that I see all the time and we decided to check it out.
I am not usually a bowling person. The last time I went was in college, and it was more because all my friends were going and I just "got through" it (I feel so guilty to say...) but I wanted to be with my friends!

Anywho, when Jonathan and I were brainstorming on something fun to do together - bowling had a whole new ring to it!

Needless to say, we had a blast!
Hubster and Wifey battled it out on the lanes..... bowling shoes and all.

And I found the lightest ball there was! I think it was a 7 pounder ..... and yes, I imagined that the bowling ball I held would probably be about the weight of my baby in 13.5 weeks ;o)

And there is my hubby, with his heavy bowling ball..... flexin' a little muscle and making a very intense face.
Hubster won!
But he would have had an even better score if that darn pin (which we name 'booger picker') would have just fallin' over!

That 'booger picker' was being so stubborn all night, because I should had at least 5 strikes.... A-HEM... at least.....

We laughed a lot, smiled a lot, and flirted a lot.... just a couple 'a love birds. And even enjoyed a beautiful sunset!

... And why is my mouth open so wide??
.... I was just wondering the same thing myself ((?))
... my cheeks look rather puffy and chipmunk-like, as if I am ready to stuff another cupcake into my cheeks for a snack later

Oh yea, and I discovered this video clip in with my bowling pictures and I remember Jonathan smirking while holding my camera and me realizing that he was probably taping..humm.. I believe it was a video he took. I will be brave and just post it with out watching first. It is kinda fun that way - and why not embarrass myself?? right? Enjoy the show

Might I add how stunning I look in leggings, white socks, and bowling shoes ((gagg)) I promise ladies, I had cuter boots on pre and post bowling ;o)
love me....


  1. Did you drink some cherry coke?

  2. :o( That is supposed to be a really sad face, because I did not get cherry coke - because the cherry coke on their machine was not working...

    I had a tear fall - and then just happily settled for some regular!