Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new car for Hubby

So the hubster got a new car today! Well, new to us ;o)

We have been on the look out for one for months now. Truth be told I was getting a little antsy about it, and the fact that he was going about it sssooooooooooooo slloooooooooooooooooooooooowly (hehe, I love you Hub)

God provided. We met a really great guy who sold us this car at an amazing.... amazing price! We will probably call him back again one day when it is time to update my car. His name was Mitral.

We drove to Schiller Park, where he lives. As we parked and got out we see Mitral driving around the corner in the car, straight out of the car wash! He thought it would be nice to get it washed and filled up with gas before handing over the keys! How kind! Then we went inside and his sweet family made us feel right at home as we signed the papers and did all the logistical things. They served coffee since it was a chilly (Jonathan had a pepsi, he's not much of a coffee guy), they were so hospitable! We said good bye, and a round of hand shakes - then we were off!
A couple hours after we got back to Aurora, I noticed that we had missed a call from Mitral. We listen to the voice mail and guess what? Mitral was just calling to make sure we got home ok! What a kind person. We, obviously feel very secure with our purchase. When we started the search for a car, we were a little nervous about it. There are some people out there that will scam ya! scary! God lead us to the right one though.

Ladies and gents, we got a GREAT car! Jonathan is so happy. It is pretty hard to not notice the huge smile on his facing and quiet tunes he has been humming for the past 2 days since discovering it. I am so glad we found him something so nice. Our little baby is gonna be so comfy riding around in there....... now I just need to brush up on my stick shift driving skills. Look out world, here I come!!

Here he is
He looks nice in that car ;o)

And his ever so desired stick shift:

This is one happy fella....

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