Friday, October 16, 2009

lazy days

I am definitely NOT going to tell you what time I woke up this morning - rather, what time I chose to keep sleeping til. That is a secret for only my pillow and I.

Point being, it inevitably creates in me a lazy day. Go figure!

by the way.... "go figure" suddenly sounded like the strangest phrase on earth. Does that ever happen to you? You say a common phrase or even a word and it all of a sudden sounds so odd?? Well it does to me kinda often....

Especially on lazy days...

Go figure.

It is days like today that I always get a list that seems to compile and compile, snowballing into a ridiculous length of things to do.

I am really exaggerating here.

Go figure.

I think of how hard my husband works, bringing home the bacon and then my list suddenly pales in comparison. Thank you God for always pointing out the "baby" in me (figuratively of course) (hehe, that was an awful attempt at humor... forgive me)

Point being, I am lazy at times. And that is when even the most simple of tasks on my list seem like the most strenuous. Of course a hair brush, clean clothes and shower would most likely encourage my need to venture out side of the apartment. Its just sooo hard to make it up those darn stairs ;o)

In my attempt to put off the tasks at hand, I did stumble across some of the CUTEST things! And guess what, I set up a registry for them..... Go figure!

They are on
They are baby carriers. This one is a carrier and the other is a sling.If I had photo shop I would have stuck my face on these mommas, just for affects.

hummm..... so cute.

Basically, a glimpse into my lazy days: blogging, urging myself to shower and be productive, looking at baby things, and oh yeah - chasing my CRAZY cat around the place because he won't stop destroying things. He is no normal cat.

Gotta GO! He is knocking over my lamp!! ........... go figure

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