Monday, September 28, 2009

just to fun not to share

I was going through our pictures, because Jonathan wants me to print off some for him to put on his desk at work. While reminiscing, I stumbled across these great shots from our honeymoon.

These picture were just to much fun, I had to share them :o)

Nice backside, hubby!

I think we were in Playa del Carmen, where they kept yelling "Hey Yankee!" or "Hey Miami" at Jonathan...

When we finally starting picking up on it... we could not figure out why everyone kept calling him that... ?? And then we put 2 and 2 together, and realized he was wearing a Miami football shirt and a Yankees hat! duh!

We got to hold a monkey....And a bird pooped on Jonathan's head!! hehe...
That was so funny.

We had a dinner on the beach-
and they served us lobster....

I was thinking, ummmm, eeewww! But said to myself "Oh, what the heck.. I'm on vacation... why not ?? .....
I was clearly NOT a fan...
So Jonathan finished mine, like he usually does at every meal ;o)
And then they brought us a special treat!

We kinda liked it!

I love my hub! We had a great time there

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