Friday, August 14, 2009

Pinocchio Parenting

When work consumes 1/2 of you week, there are things to talk about once in a while.

Today is one of those days...

Parent and Grandparents can be so weird sometimes - as in they practice

Pinocchio Parenting

Grandma was just in with her lil' grandson. He was playing on the slide that we have in here, and like every other kid, he wanted to climb up the slide instead of go down the slide. Grandma (and most parents) didn't like it.

"Matthew! you go DOWN the slide! not UP the slide!"

"Turn around, come down the slide!"

"The sign says, 'Go DOWN the slide'! "
(umm excuse me
Pinocchio Grandma, but there is no sign in the store that says that!)

And then the kicker: "Matthew, if you don't go down the slide the lady (me) is going to kick you out!"

....And I am thinking, "No I Won't ! Don't you go making me the bad guy!."

You would be surprised at how often parents say things like this to their kids... and about me no less.

"The lady is going to get mad at you..."

"The lady said no..."



Pinocchio! Tell your kids no, don't lie! ... can I get an Amen?

At least for my sake, kids are gonna start crying when they see me..... you know, because I will kick them out, yell at them, and I say NO! ....according to their parents

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  1. AMEN!!!! I promise not to be a Pinocchi grandmother :)