Thursday, August 13, 2009

A gift!

Before I was pregnant, and even before I was married, I knew that I wanted a jogger stroller whenever I had a baby.

I had seen them before and just thought that the idea was genius! I really like running and would always wonder, how in the world woman fit time in for that and what did they do with the little one?


WE GOT ONE!!!!!!
It was actually GIVEN to us completely free! FREE!! Wow, I just feel so blessed. As if God has not already made my life incredibly rich in grace, joy, and a little life inside me.... so amazing!

It is a two way, so when our little babe is still tiny - he/she can come along and face me! So not only will I get to enjoy the outdoors with a walk or run - I will also get to soak in the sight of the little baby's chubby cheeks :o)

We had found one at a garage sale a couple months ago, it is in decent condition - we aren't going to use it anymore, obviously ;o) So if any one out there would like to have it, let me know!

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