Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steak not on the grill SUCCESS!

Thanks to a GREAT friend, Jamie McQuinn (yes, Jamie, I am talking about you!) I have finally achieved 'steak not on the grill' success!

wife tested, husband approved

It was scrum-diddley-umious!

Jamie introduced me to The Pioneer Woman months ago and I have been have a BLAST exploring and indulging in her yum yum recipes ever since.

After reading my most recent cooking disasters post Jamie sent me the link to a recipe that the Pioneer Woman had posted on steak in a skillet - "hey, I've done that before" - and I gave it a shot last night!

IT WAS AWESOME! and so much better than my excuse for a steak. Thanks Jamie!

If you want to try it sometime you can find it here, enjoy!

P.S. the day I get a grill is the day I try this steak recipe on the grill! If its that good in a skillet- then it'll be killer on the grill!

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  1. can you have a grill at your new apartments?