Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life in a Kids' Salon

There is no telling what you will experience in a kids salon - you wanna know why?? Because kids are totally unpredictable! I can always count on one good laugh or two at work, here is the lastest comedic relief:

So, I am working on the computer while a co worker is trimming away on a little boy's hair, when I began to catch on to some very inconspicuous actions going on in the front of the store. There, stood the little boy's sister, a little girl with 'piggies' (that's pigtails in kid lingo), bending over at her middle, grabbing her tushie.... what was she doing - you got it, she was taking a poo! I mean seriously, what do you do at this point. I'm simply a receptionist, but I know a "pooping in your pants child" when I see one in action! I stayed quit, but I considered saying, "uuh, mom, i think your little princess is pooing her pants in the corner..."

Probably not my place, but boy oh boy it was funny watching her walk around real awkward, (ya know- like maybe something uncomfortable was in her pants ;o) and avoiding being near her momma and brother.

Mom: "Sophia, come here, come she your brothers hair cut!"

[sophia shakes her head no]

Mom: "Sophia, come here"

[Sophia waddles slowly, half way to mom, shakes her head no]

Mom: "Sophia, what are you doing? Come here"

[Sophia waddles slowly, a little closer, and whispers]

Sophia: "Sophie poopie"

Mom: "[sigh] I'll get a diaper"

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