Monday, February 25, 2008

Vision and Mission

Visions are the directional and foundational elements in life, in leadership, and in relationships. Sometimes visions and missions are well thought out, articulated, and shared; other times they are unclear or subconcious.

Let me explain: A good example of a unspoken/subconcious vision would be in the arena of dating relationships. Two people enter into a relationship with expectations of what the outcome and purpose should be. Subconciously, that is the vision. But what if the vision inside her mind and the vision inside of his mind are different. They maybe working in two different directions, or maybe they are working in a similar direction but they are not working at their best together as a couple because their visions are not clear, defined, and unified.

When a vision is well articulated and shared, it will guide you in every decision you make. If the vision you have set out for yourself is to "be the best that you can be," then everything from the way you eat, to the way you do your minimum wage job will be done in the best manner that you can manage.

Imagine how much better a life you will live when you have a vision for your life!

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