Friday, January 18, 2008

Let's give this blogging thing a try...

Since this is the first blog of my entire life, I feel that it is appropriate for me to introduce myself.

My name is Misha Early. I am 21 years old. I am finally about to finish school and one week after graduation I AM GETTING MARRIED! -His name is Jonathan.

In my four years at Purdue, there is only one professor that actually created in me a real desire to come to class: that would be Dr. Feinburg. I don't know how he does it!! He has chosen (or been subject to) the worst time, in my opinion, to have a class: 5:30-6:45?! COME ON MAN!
When I started in his E Retailing class last fall, I thought for sure that attendence would be nonexistent as soon as he said it was completely optional.

Surprising, the class never empty. Why? Because he is a good professor, a good LEADER, and he has something great to offer. I am looking forward to the next 15 weeks of class. He has scared a few people though, but they will be saying, "it's the best class I have taken at Purdue," by the end of the semester. I have heard this from countless others who have taken it before me.

Hopefully this is an encouragement to you students out there who are a bit hesitant to take him seriously- I say, take every word to heart and apply it! I believe it when he says: "It could change your life." - the key is, putting what he says into practice. It's no good to simply hear this wise advice but never actually try it.




  1. I agree, Feinberg's class is at a terrible time but I look forward to going to his class because each class teaches me something about myself. He is a great teacher and actually cares about our learning experience.

  2. Personally, I feel that one of the best and most important qualities of a great leader is that they surround themselves with great people. And just from seeing your first picture on the site and reading the last part of your second paragraph on this post, I can see that you do just that. I’ve known Jonathan Seger since I was probably 9 years old. You couldn’t have picked a person with more character, a bigger heart, or better morals to spend your life with than Jon. Feel safe in knowing that he will do anything to make sure that you don’t have anything but a happy life. I’m going to stop elaborating on my “man-crush” now and continue on, but indeed, from what I see, you are surrounding yourself with great people.

    I’m going to have to agree with you and say that I have no clue how Dr. Feinberg fills the seats every class. But he does. One of the leadership qualities he exemplifies, particularly through the use of this class, is providing those whom he leads with the tools and knowledge to succeed, today and in the future. I admit, since this is the first class I have taken of his, I was skeptical at first whether I would benefit from this class. But through being a good leader, he has made me buy in to what he says on a daily basis.

  3. This is a good post. Knowing and understanding the difference between surrounding youself is a great thing. It would seem both of you understand the concept and practice it.