Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm alive.


We got moved into the new house. I met 4 neighbors. Linda, Jan, Dave, and Marvin. Marvin mowed our lawn. He came flyin' up our drive way on his gigantic 'titanic' of a lawn mower and said ever so nonchalantly, "Say, why don't I finish up and then come on over an' mow your lawn."


That was so nice... maybe he did it because he saw me literally washing the entire bottom half of our house (on the outside), (it was dirty-ish), (the gutters are full of dirt and are hanging on a slope), (we'll get to that later..) and he felt sorry for me OR, based on my obversvation of Marvin's yard, he likes his grass lookin' spiffy and having a neighbor with wild grass to your knees ain't so good for the neighborhood ;) Either way, we got a free cut a la Marvin. He even collected and bagged up our grass and stacked it all neatly for the garbage man... he said that clumps of grass in the yard looks "trashy" - and boy would we have had clumps! Marvin had to unload his (huge) grass collecting bags after circling the backyard ONCE and our back yard is not big!

Thanks, Marv!

... can I call you Marv?

So, we have officially met 4 more neighbors than we have ever met at any of our other homes.

We are so social.


  1. Misha! Congrats on the house. I love meeting neighbors! Since we've Ava our neighbors have been coming out of the woodwork to meet us. It's amazing how having a baby can improve your social status ;)

  2. I love your posts, Mish. You crack me up.

    Miss chatting w/ya. Gotta get together sometime soon...especially since you have all this free time, what with Marv mowin' your lawn for you and all.

  3. Congrats on the new house! Yay for nice welcoming neighbors