Tuesday, April 5, 2011

confession {4}


when I am alone...

...I wipe my kids snot with his own shirt.

There! I said it.

Still love me?

One time I wiped it with my own shirt sleeve....

..I swear there weren't any kleenex...

... not any within reaching distance.

Oh dear, you'll never love me!


  1. SOOOO thankful to hear I'm not alone in this one :)

  2. I totally do both of those things when tissues aren't handy (a.k.a. within 10 steps)! Years ago, I saw an experienced mom use the *inside* of her son's shirt to wipe his nose at church - so the shirt still looked clean after the dirty work was done. Brilliant! I've definitely filed that away for future use.

  3. love it! what an amazing idea... I am certain that I will be using that technique in the years to come :)

  4. haha! I totally do that. And if my hands are full, etc I sometimes just let it run...and later realize that the people around me were probably thinking WHY DOES SHE NOT WIPE THAT CHILD'S NOSE???? :)

    I'm commenting late as I just saw this..why am I not subscribed to your blog? I'll go do that now. :)