Friday, March 11, 2011

Late night hello

It is late and I can't sleep. I hate that. Funny how I just wrote about my chronic exhaustion and here I type away at 12:23am. College kids, go ahead, roll your eyes at Gramma Misha... but there WILL be a day you consider 12:23am late.

So I can't sleep and with all my Babywise knowledge tucked away, I am convinced it's because I am over stimulated and over tired. I might be bold enough to say it is also because I am not getting enough fats in my diet... but that is DEFINITELY not & never will be the case ;) My hubby snores from beneath his pillow, yes- beneath. I envy him! 3 minutes flat and he is asleep and here I am flopping from side to side like fish outta water, or a pancake being flipped again and again.. there is only so much flipping one can do before getting hot and bothered. I figure my tiny phone screen might make eyes shut forever, until the morning. Contradiction. I like that.

I was reading back through old posts and I was realizing how many typos I have! I mean A LOT.
(off topic, but every time I say "a lot" I think of an actual "lot" of land... weird, huh?) So I started keeping track of them. I thought that would make a good post one of these days. So if you love English then 1.) you probably don't read this blog very often because I am just terrible or 2.) you will not want to read that post when it comes because crap is gonna hit the fan!

And I have gone to far...


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