Saturday, March 26, 2011

big lazy clothes

Awwhh... this moment is one of my favorite moments of the day. I have a lot of favorite moments of the day, which I guess is a good thing, but this particular moment is just wonderfully wonderful. It is the moment right after I lay the babe down for bed and I scurry across the hall into the closet to pull a few of my hubby's clothes off their hangers. Pulling them off the hangers isn't my favorite moment, it is when I take the OVERsized long-sleeved shirt from his high days and put it on like its mine. It is perfectly huge on me. Nearly to my knees, finger tips barely hang out past the cuffs. Absolute comfort. Simply one of the places I feel so free! I can curl up into the smallest of balls, sprawl out into the largest of human pancakes, bend-twist-jump-stretch.. all without the worries of adjusting my shirt or the cares of post baby flab. Its WONDERFUL.

Prancing down the stairs with a satisfied smile is usually how I come, with a flirty attitude because I just know I'll get that side glance, followed by the inevitable chuckle and side smile combo from my hub.

He knows his shirts belong on me .

So here I sit, one big puddle of comfort, in my husband's old Abercrombie shirt. Abercrombie was so popular in high school. With its age and wear and tear it has become the best lounge shirt. I would highly recommend you go raid your husband's side of the closet... it'll feel so good :)


  1. Hi Misha! Found your blog through few others that also went to Clay. I too raid my hubbys closet. I especially love his 8 yr old army sweatshirt :)

  2. Hi Allison! Isn't it the BEST! Glad to know there are other wifey's (?grammer?)out there that take advantage of all the beautiful aspects of marriage, hehe. Pretty sure that any clothing item that is large and 6 years old + automatically equals extreme comfort :)

    It is so fun to keep up with fellow Clay grads through blogs, do you have one? Happy to hear from you - God Bless!