Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Burden lifters!

You know that saying, "I am hesitant to bring a child into this messed up world." - or something like that?

Well, I guess it is kind of scary sometimes when you look around at what is going on here. The crazy influences of Hannah Montana and the horrible things kids could be exposed to these days are frightening. Yet, I would instead want to encourage people to think about having kids as war against those things, not as a risk of exposure but rather a vaccine to fight the disease of this culture.

I love what Piper says in this video,
"Christian, you gotta believe that bringing kids into the world and bringing them up in the Lord makes them burden lifters.. not burden adders. They are in the world to lift the world, to save the world, to love the world."
Change the world by bringing up kids that are different than the world! Adding people to this earth that have a biblical worldview is the most foundational way to impact eternity long term. You have the opportunity to infuse little blank slates with the gospel from day one and Lord willing, send them out to make more and more disciples.

You wanna change the world? It starts at home!

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