Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In true "Misha Seger Style" - we have still not unpacked the boy's suit case from Christmas vacation.

No, I didn't not mistype. This suitcase is the same one that held Mr D's clothing for the 15 days we were gone for the holidays.

'cept we didn't pack him in the suitcase, even though he does look rather at home in there.

...and his new favorite "fun" thing to do is throw out all the clothes. Then I put them back as an attempt to make it not seem so bad that I still have the suitcase out and then he is back inside of it - unpacking. I guess my babe has the right idea. Unpack when you get home from vacation, not stay packed :) What a smart dude.

PS: I love his airplane sweater... therefore I probably kissed his cheek 1,000 more times than normal that day

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