Saturday, November 20, 2010

My babe is 9 months old

He was in my belly for 9 months.

And the little stinker has been in our arms for 9 months

If only words could fully describe how amazing this journey has been!
I don't think I ever knew I could love a baby this much...

These past few months have been some of my favorite. Davin's personality has really broken through. He is a friendly little guy - an appropriate example would be from his doctor's appointment this morning. The kid charged across the waiting room for this other little boy - football kinda rush - a human bowling ball and anything in his way were pins being knocked outta of the way. The little boy he wanted to be friends with was a little freaked out I think.... but eventually warmed up to my nosy child and offered him his pacifier. If Davin actually liked pacifiers, he probably would have snagged it.

Davin's new thing over the past couple months is the door. I actually start to feel kinda guilty, like my baby is a dog begging to be let out. But we enjoy the outside often - its just that Davin has always LOVED the out doors. It is instant therapy for this kid.

He plays with the door..


That game entertains him for long periods of time... and sometimes I am really glad for that (particularly when I am making dinner - post to come on that!).

Basically, I have enjoyed the past 9 months more than I ever could have expected.. and I am so looking forward for the next 9 months...

... because there's gonna be another!


I joke.

Oh, that was mean! I am sorry... but it was just the perfect set up for a joke like that - with the whole "9 months" talk and all.

Still love me?

K. Thanks


  1. Oh my goodness - I almost had a heart attack! Yes, that was mean! :-)

  2. I almost screamed with excitement. What a let down. Guess the pressure is on now for baby #2, Mish! Loved the post ... and definitely love that boy :)))))