Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love this girl!

OH, how I miss Ashley Nicole Willcox!!!

Friends, she is a
great example of a gospel driven Christ follower... I have learned so much from her. She probably doesn't even know that.

I should tell her...
Hi Ashley Nicole! I am writing about you! You are probably giggling right now and saying, "
what!?" [with at least one hand out, but maybe both]

... that was a guess ;)

We had our babies about 9 weeks apart, or so..

It was SUCH a fun time. We would spend every Tuesday together - it was awesome! Because for as much as we are different, we are totally the same! She actually wrote a post about it that made me smile..

Anyway, I am just gonna brag on her right now. She is so humble.

She just wrote an A-W-E-S-O-M-E post called Joy Unspeakable, Pain Unfathomable that is just so real and so raw.

She writes:

"... But here’s something you don’t hear so often: Loving your own children does not actually come naturally. At least, not Christ’s love. Oh, sure a parent can love their children for selfish reasons–when they are behaving, making them laugh, giving them a tax credit, and making them look good to their friends..

..I used to not understand when people complained about their children, said they were “done” emphatically with having kids, or couldn’t wait to return to their jobs. I was longing and aching to hold a baby of my own! And I wanted as many as the Lord would bless us with.

But on the days that Baby has no smiles and only tears, when you’re up in the night for the 5th time and you're baffled as to what is wrong, and you say, “Fine, if you’re going to cry, so am I!” and dissolve into a puddle of tears, children do not seem like a blessing at all.

And that, my friends, is precisely when they are the biggest blessing. Our children are blessing us by becoming a great aid in our sanctification. Growing more like Christ involves a healthy dose of self sacrifice. After all, He gave up his very life for us! But he didn’t do it grudgingly! It was “for the joy that was set before Him” the he suffered death on the cross. When we give up our own will to meet our children’s needs, Christ is glorified, and He is making us more like Himself. Painful in the moment? Yes. But its rewards are eternal. Parenting is an opportunity to learn on a very personal level the love Christ has for us. True love will sacrifice and think of others first..."

take the time to read the whole post here

Oh, how I love the way she refreshes us with the gospel truth in parenting!! She is more than just words and thoughts. Without a doubt Ashley Nicole truly experienced this first hand and has been faithful to grow in every season. God has given her persevering grace to handle the joys and challenges of being a new mom and she has been diligent in learning every step of the way- looking for God's sovereign works in every detail. I appreciate that about her.

Thank you Ashley Nicole for your WONDERFUL example & obedience to proclaim the gospel. God's grace and His Holy Spirit have given your words weight and influence!

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to snag this absolutely adorable picture of Ashley Nicole and her boy, Jeshuah.

(See you Sept. 11th, friend!! Can't wait!)

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  1. You know how when you are married to someone and then you really find out what they are like. Well I am married to Ashley-Nicole and she is even more amazing than most people know!!!!! I love her so much!!!!