Sunday, August 8, 2010

How do you do lists?

I gonna admit that my iPhone is the bomb.

Remember those commercials, "There's an app for that.." ?

So true!

I especially love using it while grocery shopping - perfecto, I tell ya! And therefore I am slowly pushing the cart in and out of aisles not paying any attention to where my cart is wondering.. I think that half the time God is guiding my cart in order to keep me from rolling over kids and getting sued by angry moms.

He is so gracious.

On Monday I was doing my usual grocery shopping grind - and I would like to add that it was a rather pleasant grocery trip, which is not my usual experience - and people were so nice... seriously, there were 3 of us around the entire super center that were, like, friends... We had jokes!  Its true, I am not lying... one of the jokes was that Davin was my grocery list reader.... see? Friends.

Anyway back to my point, which kinda ties in with my grocery friends. So, like I said, I was doing my usual grocery grind.. DD'ing (distracted driving).. I was doin' my lil grocery shopper app... and my grocery store friend drove up on his riding cart.. you know, the ones you drive... and told me, "Hey, young lady.. no texting while driving!"

hehe... I almost called him GRANDPA, but thought.. . "humm, he probably wouldn't think that was funny."

We aren't that good of friends.

Basically, I took his wisdom to heart and made this "soooo yesterday, old school, shopping list"

 .hehe... just kidding, its not old fashion

I actually kinda missed my ol' shopping list, crossing off stuff and the like...

Awww.... that makes me feel goooood

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