Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adoption is the Gospel

I just started reading Adopted for Life and friends, it is such a great book. I think that Al Mohler's 2 cents say it best,
"Thankfully, there are good books on adoption and good books on the gospel. But until now, there has never been a book that puts the adoption of children so clearly within the context of the gospel of Christ. Adopted for Life is one of the most compelling books I have ever read."
I think so far, my highlighter went to work the most on this blurb:

"[Adoption is] the whole story of redemption. The universe was meant to be a home- where the image bearers of God rule and serve under their Father. It was all to be ours. The primeval insurrection in the garden, though, turned the universe into an orphanage- the heirs were gone, done in by their appetites. A serpent now holds the cosmos in captivity, driving along the deposed rulers as his slaves. The whole universe is now an orphanage.
But then there's Jesus.
When we were still orphans, Christ became a substitute orphan for us. Though he was a son, he took on the humiliation of a slave and the horror of death (Phil. 2:6-8). Jesus walked to that far country with us, even to the depths of the hog pen that we'd made our home, and hung on a tree abandoned by his Father in our place."

Adoption is the Gospel

And so I leave you with an astounding message by John Piper entitled:

Adoption: The Heart of the Gospel - Eight Similarities of God's Adoption of Us and Our Adoption of Children

I would encourage you to listen to it


  1. Ha! I just started reading Adopted for Life last week--ironic!! Yep, we're getting geared up for that beautiful choice over here!!

  2. FINALLY!!! I got it to post my comments on your blog!

  3. REALLY??! That is awesome! You guys are thinking about adoption? When are you thinking about starting? oh my goodness, we need to talk :)