Thursday, July 29, 2010


Mundane sounds kinda negative, doesn't it?

I dunno, maybe its just me since that is how I have been feeling about life lately.

I am not going to make this post a big ole whine-fest of how I literally wake up and do the same exact thing every.single.morning.

Instead, I am going to poke fun at it. It is really quite comical when I really reflect on my tendency to a "lather, rinse, repeat" type lifestyle.

Example I have been having the same thing for breakfast, everyday, since Davin was 8 weeks old... no, I did not make a typing error... for the past 4 months, with the exception of a few random days in there, I have filled the coffee pot to the 4 cups line and loaded the filter with 4TBPS of Dunkin Donuts Original Blend coffee grounds, pressed START and then grabbed the toaster, tossed in a whole wheat english muffin, spread it with natural peanut butter and topped it with banana slices...then proceed to grab a white mug, sprinkled in a pinch Stevia sweetener + a pinch of sugar and a splash of french vanilla creamer and poured in my fresh coffee over it to create the perfect natural stir. Then I go and nuzzled up next to my cute little babe playing on the floor to watch the TODAY Show while I ate my ever so exciting breakfast!
I have had the same exact thing for breakfast for nearly 4 months.... this is craziness, is it not??
There are times after breakfast that I think.. "man, I really need to change this up." And you know what?? I come down the next morning and repeat the whole morning routine AGAIN.

I have a theory that my whole tendency to get in ruts comes from my mom. No offense mom, but I think that I inherited it from you! Remember when you got on a deviled eggs kick? You were making those eggs ALL THE TIME! They were your favorite snack. I could always find them in the fridge. I would walk in from school and find eggs boiling on the stove. That kick lasted for weeks... then you got sick of them, only to replace them with roasted marshmallows.
So, then I am walking in from school to find Mom at the stove, roasting a marshmallow over the burner of the stove top! It wasn't even a gas range with a flame, nope, it was a red hot coil that she was roasting that 'mallow over!
She did this for about a month.
I love my mom.
If my mom bought a bag of grapes, and my sister and I would finished them off quickly, you better believe my mom would be haulin' in pounds and pounds until our skin turned purple.
Again, I love my mom. :) She was so sweet to pay attention to what we liked!

But you know what, it probably has nothing to do with my mom...

why? because I am really all that mundane a lot of other areas of my life. Sure, I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday, yet I have moved 7 times in the past 6 years.... mundane?? I think not! I have never bought the same shampoo twice in the past 6 years... mundane? I think not! I get a new kind of laundry detergent every time we run out... mundane?




I am totally mundane in the day to day, but as for the weird unimportant stuff.. I totally LOVE change.. this is weird... I have to just ask you all to kindly wipe the boggled and confused expressions off of your faces now and simply forget you ever read this odd ball post..

Now if you will excuse me, I have some very mundane things to get back to, thank you very much.

goodbye forever


  1. You make me smile, Misha. So are you like the Runaway Bride? Do you have a hard time figuring out what you really like sometimes? :)

  2. I certainly enjoyed the mundane routine that we had when I came to visit! I call it RELAXING!!!! You make me smile too, Misha. Have a great day :)
    Momma 2

  3. roasted marshmallows??? thats so random. haha. i love it though. i feel ya though, i get the same way. i swear i had turkey sandwich & a cheese stick for lunch for months on end too. why change up something that works?