Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Davin turns 3 months!

3 months old...

3 months!

Davin is 3 months old... I just can't believe it! I love him so much. Everyday gets better and better. I would highly recommend having a baby ;)
He is so good at holding himself up when in our arms now, no more jello spine and the bobble head is getting stronger. It is nice toting him around in one arm! (although he is getting so heavy, it's kinda hard to!)

We got his first laugh out of him last week, and I have been trying like crazy to get him to do it again ever since! But have failed, that booger won't laugh again! I know he wants to though, I see it in his eyes when he gives me the big smiles - he won't be able to hold back much longer... not with me making gorilla noises at him
(hey! whatever works!)

Davin does not, I repeat does not like the bottle being taken from his mouth mid-feeding.... no ma'm. He will cry like a baby (pun definitely intended) as if it's the last ounce of milk on earth.... Yet, for the most part he seems to be a bit more contained when we are in public (friends house, church, a restaurant). But you should see him at home! Except, the other day at Subway was an exception. He was definitely not holding back there. His face was WAY scrunched, I giggled. In fact, the guy behind us made a comment to his wife when Jonathan was burping our bawling baby.

"What an expressive baby.."

Sir, you have no idea...

:o) I actually still think he is the cutest thing, even when he cries like that... is this mean? I even giggle sometimes... I am so bad.

Davin has a million different faces, which is so evident when you roll through the hundreds of pictures I have taken. It is awesome. I think he will be good at impersonating people one day.

He chews on his clothes, pulling the very shirt on his body up to his mouth, which makes for very soggy clothing...

His eyes light up when he smiles, and the mirror is his best friend. If you wanna smile, stick the kid in front of a mirror.

Tummy time has gone from useless to a great success! He can only stand about 5 minutes of it before he cries like a baby (there is that pun again!) but he keeps his head up like a big boy, and squirms so bad - he'll be a speeding bullet when he starts crawling, yikes!

He is the bomb, sleeping from 7:45 til 5:30, then back down til 7:30 - I am definitely a fan of this.

All in all, I can't believe how much he has grown!


  1. My goodness. He is ADORABLE. I love looking at the pics you post of him. :-) Great camera skills too.

  2. I absolutely cannot wait to get my arms around this baby. You can bet I will be acting so silly trying to hear that laugh. Davin only 12 more days till Grammy arrives!!!! Love you, buddy :)

  3. OH MY GOODNESS....Davin is awesome in these pics! I love all of them, especially the cool one where he is in the right corner of the pic and it gives like a profile of him...he looks so cool. lol. Cant'wait to see him grow more!