Saturday, March 20, 2010

Messed Up - in a good way?

So here I am posting a post of a post! hehe.. it is a good on though. I found it on the Young Married Life blog... which that author found it on the Stuff Christians Like blog.. and now you are finding it on my blog. Hum, a traveling blog post. Hopefully it will encourage you or even make you think a little bit ;)
I smiled when I read this blog over at Stuff Christians Like titled "Pastors who mess you up." In this context "mess you up" means rightly dividing God's Word or imparting some truth in a way that changes your whole life. From SCL:

I ran into a friend a few months ago. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so we did the mandatory “life summary” catch up conversation. In the midst of that, she all too casually mentioned, “My husband and I have decided to become foster parents.”

What? That’s a big deal, that’s no small thing. And when I asked her about how they came to that decision, she was quick to give me a two word answer:

“Francis Chan.”

She and her husband had read Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love, and in her words, it “really messed her up.” And that’s true, a number of my friends have been messed up by that book. It’s no casual read. It’s a challenge and a conviction that is difficult to deny. But talking with her, I started to think about other ways pastors mess you up. Because the good ones do. They tend to snow globe shake your comfortable little world with God’s truth.

It's been true in my life. From getting married to starting a family to adopting, it was a faithful pastor who said something to "mess me up" at each decision point that affected my trajectory. Here's a brief summary of how:

Getting Married

After dating my wife for eight months with no clear direction, Senate Chaplain Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie told me I needed to "Fish or cut bait." I asked Beth to marry me three weeks later.

Starting a Family

My wife and I wanted stability before starting a family. But Dr. Mark Dever said he's counseling too many childless couples who "waited" and told us to "never put off life." We threw away the pill and my wife of five months got pregnant within five weeks.


After waiting for two years to adopt a baby from China, we were presented an opportunity to take a sibling set of four from Ethiopia. John Piper's book Don't Waste Your Life kept creeping into our thoughts as we prayed about it. Eight months later, we flew to Ethiopia to bring all four home.

What about you? Have you ever had a pastor mess you up?
**Thanks Young Married Life and Stuff Christians Like!

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