Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grammy Seger!

This is a post dedicated to Grammy (who may become the next Ninny... we shall see ;o) )

Here's Davin, PaPa Seg and Grammy with Daddy right after he was born. He was showered with so much lovin'!
PaPa Seg is looking forward to many fishing trips and camping expeditions. Get ready Davin! He's got a lot to teach you about the great outdoors!

Davin fell asleep in Grammy's arms while she was rocking you!

He was out cold! It's funny, because when he is in deep sleep, his limbs go limp!
Stare down. That is the only look he had for a while :o)

little mid morning nap for Grammy and Davin

Here they are, just an hour after he was born.Grammy informed me that she didn't want me to put any pictures that made her look "ugly" .... Well, I got news Grammy - you never look ugly!!

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