Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank you Starbucks!

Hannah and I went to Starbucks today, because all day I was running into people with these frappacinos. I really kinda wanted one at the mall but I resisted. Then Hannah got into town and had a blueberry coffee from Dunkin Donuts.... I am a fan of the hazelnut coffee from there.

Needless to say the itch for something was there. Hannah knew this, so on our way back from the grocery - she pulls into Starbucks!

Drive thru guy: "Hello, welcome to Starbucks. What can I get ya?"

Us: "a tall caramel frappacino"

Drive thru guy: "would you like extra caramel on that..?"

Us: "??!! SURE! why not!? And while your at it, add some extra whipped cream! It's for a pregnant lady."

Drive thru guy: "Well, I tell ya what.. I am gonna put it in a venti cup so that we getcha some extra whipped cream and caramel."

Now that is service! I wasn't even charged for it

...... and look what we pulled around the corner to receive:

that is what "WHOA MOMMA" looks like on a pregnant woman's face.. hehe

I could not get it all down, but sure did enjoy what I did have. Yum.




And then, we went to 7 Eleven and got some necessities for our pizza night and gues how much we spent there?!?!


whaddya know?!! hehe, it made us smile.
What a day... now all I need is a baby! I think he is coming soon.

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