Friday, January 8, 2010

Candle love

There is just something about a candle that instantly makes a house feel like a cozy home!

I love lighting candles all around, all the time :o) I burn through candles faster than you can say..... candle

Just kidding. Anyway, the usual candles that are burning on a daily basis are:

The apple scented candle from Ikea - cheap and smelling good!
The "Home is where your story begins" candle on the black shelf
The vanilla candle found at a garage sale on the kitchen table
And the newest addition to the candle family since the burning out of the Cinnamon Spice Yankee CandleGot that one from a white elephant gift exchange: I stole from someone ;o)

Basically, I like little flames. (and I used to play with fire when I was a kid.. almost burnt my arm off once.. those log fire starters where my best friends!)

Somethings never change...

Pray for us, because our little boy will likely take after Mom and Dad (and dad started 2 forest fires in his day!)
Lord, help us all


  1. 2 Forest fires???? I think I only knew about 1!!!

  2. ha! yup, he said that there were 2... he must have been a little sneaky with the 2nd one ;o)

  3. quote of the day "almost burnt my arm off once..." my hubs like to play with fire too, luckily he's professional paid to put them out. they go hand in hand...if you haven't burnt that off too. ha!