Sunday, November 22, 2009

how I eat a reese cup

Did you think that I had forgotten about sharing my weird eat habits?? No way! It is way to much fun documenting each step in devouring candy!

First, we meet..."hello cup"
"hello woman"

I gaze tenderly....
And then barbarically rip open the wrapper!

Step one is to nimble
(I nibble a lot when eating candy... especially the individually wrapped. They are baby versions of the real thing - cute)The pinkie must always be up.... and no, I do not have a spot of tea with this treat either (or should I say i-ther)
Basically I am nibbling off all the chocolaty edges - usually using both hands so that I can rotate the cup in an efficient manner num num num num num num num yup it is usually about 7 "nums" until the cup has turned into this:
Just the pure peanut buttery yum center.
A'las, the bite I have been waiting for. I call it: The 1/2 Moon

And the long awaited 2nd bite! I call it: The Triangular P.B.

And enough with the bite sized bites of an already bite size candy, SHEEH!
A lick of the fingers
and THE END!

Ain't nothin' but wrapper baby!

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