Friday, September 4, 2009

Facebook status...

I believe that someone has been fiddling with my facebook status!

For all of you who have followed the link on my status, "Welcome!"

But I am trying to figure out whooooooooo is the culprit, I believe it was my hubby.... it just "sounds like" something he would type - AND he is one of the 3 people who knows my password, AND it happened at precisely 9:58 pm last night!

It's elementary dear Watson, elementary!

Well, bye. I am in Lafayette for my dear friend's wedding, I need pj's on stat, the battery on this computer is dying, and I just plain have to use the potty, I am sleepy, I probably need a snack... actually, I certainly need a snack, Sassafras (emi;s cat) is looking so cute from a far and I feel lead by God to go give his creation some love, and EMI JUST GOT BACK!!! 

My precious Emiline, she is getting married tomorrow! God has blessed her - and has blessed me with her wonderful friendship.... I need to soak in some Emiline rays of sunshine... 

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